Air plants

The Tillandsia or air plant is able to live in many places and to different unevennesses,
can live with any kind of support from simply a tree branch, a laying of cables, on stones.

Living Decoration

A perfect gift for nature lovers in general and good taste .
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Tiesto para Tillandsias forma 2 Ecoterrazas Tiesto para Tillandsias forma 2 Ecoterrazas 2
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Tiesto para Tillandsias forma 2

Clay pot that simulates a tree branch, perfect for compositions with your favourite Tillandsias.

Ceramic hand 8 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm

Decorative ceramics hand, decorative element to combine with your tillandsias.
Large Sea Urchin Juncea
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Erizo grande Juncea

Large sea urchin of approx. 9 cm with Tillandsia Juncea XL. Ready to hang.
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