Plantas del Aire

The Tillandsia or air plant is able to live in many places and to different unevennesses,
can live with any kind of support from simply a tree branch, a laying of cables, on stones.

tillandsia jucunda
Tillandsias or air plants

Tillandsia jucunda

Original from the center of Bolivia...
Tillandsia Capillaris Hogeri pulk
Tillandsias or air plants

Tillandsia capillaris holgerii pulk

Tillandsia air or carnation from South and Central America, its life inhabits between 500 and 2000 meters...
Tillandsia aeranthos
Tillandsias or air plants

Tillandsia Aeranthos

The variety of air plant Aeranthos more commonly called Dianthus air, tillandsia Aeranthos is listed as a small plant, this specimen of tillandsia can measure up to 14cm

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Bandeja Semillero Forestal
Trays and Pots

Forest Seed Tray

Forest type trays with longer soil volume for more alveoli.
Bandeja Semillero
Trays and Pots

Seed tray

For seed germination trays are used the following (by number of buckets).
Emily's Garden System Emily's Garden System 2
Trays and Pots

Emily's Garden System

This garden, with 6 individual pots lets you rotate or add new plants to your liking. It fits anywhere - on a bench, a shelf, a table or on the patio.
Bandeja Cuadrada
Trays and Pots

Square tray

Very versatile tray that allows to collect the drainage of the plants.

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