Tillandsias or Air plants

Tillandsia native of America is distributed throughout the Americas, mostly found in Central America, South America and north-central South America. Tillandsias are epiphytic plants of the bromeliad family, in this family we can distinguish some species more tropical climate and some more desert habit, the more is defined as tropical green tillandsia and more are grayish desert, being single He tillandsia its kind can live in many places and at different slopes, can live with any kind of support from just a tree branch in a cable laying on the stones. The genius of this kind is that their nutrition is absorbed by the trichomes of the leaves, usually feeds on humidity and occasionally eat small insects or droppings have been deposited between the leaves. The roots of tillandsia the only functionality it has is to be able to restrain the media where they can live. The Tillandsia requires a bright light punctuated rather overshadowed, an air cool. The Tillandsia reproduces by means of seeds or children arriving to colonies of plants, some are epiphytes that grow and those living in trees or plants, lines and other lithophytes are those that grow and live on rocks in cliffs.

Muy contenta con el trato y las plantas de mucha calidad. En breve comprare mas ;-)
Rosana r. 05/24/2018
Pedido desde Gran Canaria
Quiero agradecer a ecoterrazas lo bien que nos han asesorado con respecto a las plantas al aire, hemos hecho un pedido desde Gran Canaria y nos han informado en todo momento a todas nuestras dudas,...
sonia p. 05/23/2018

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