Plantas del Aire

The Tillandsia or air plant is able to live in many places and to different unevennesses,
can live with any kind of support from simply a tree branch, a laying of cables, on stones.

Tillandsias or air plants

Tillandsia capillaris

It is a species of the Argentine Chaco forest, their presence has been noted in several countries in South America (Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador).
Tillandsia tricolor Tillandsia tricolor  2
Tillandsias or air plants

Tillandsia tricolor

The Tricolor is a variety of tillandsia air plant has no stem can reach 30 cm in diameter and height
Tillandsias or air plants

Tillandsia stricta soft

The prototype clone for Tillandsia stricta has soft green leaves...

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