Tillandsias or air plants

Capillaris holgerii pulk Tillandsia

Tillandsia air or carnation from South and Central America, its life inhabits between 500 and 2000 meters...
Tillandsias or air plants

Kurt-hortsii Tillandsia

The KURT-horstii tillandsia is very rare original of Brazil. You can often find over 1000 meters high is a species that has many similarities to the tectorum and the streptocarpa.
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Tillandsias Pack

Pack of 7 Tillandsias

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Pack of 7 Tillandsias consisting of: -1 Oaxacana -1 Magnusiana -1 Tectorum -1 Argentea -1 Reichenbachii -1 Fuchsii Mexico -1 Espinosae vrisea Save now 30 % FREE DELIVERY INSIDE MAINLAND SPAIN
Pack 16 Ionanthas Pack 16 Ionanthas 2
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Tillandsias Pack

Pack of 16 tillandsias ionanthas

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Pack composed of 16 Ionanothas: 2 Fire, 2 Rubra, 2 Rubra Peach, 2 Mexican, 2 Rosea, 2 Ron, 2 Silver, 2 ionantha.
Tillandsias or air plants

Tecnuifolia minim Tillandsia

This plant from SOUTH AMERICA occurs in cool, moist places...
Tillandsias or air plants

Recurvifolia Tillandsia

This plant from Paraguay with gray leaf dominating its inflorescence...
Tillandsias or air plants

Pseudobaileyi Tillandsia

This plant from Mexico with green leaf and bulbous...
Leonamiana Tillandsia Leonamiana Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Leonamiana Tillandsia

This plant is native to brasil...
Tillandsias or air plants

Lautneri Tillandsia

This variety from Guatemala has very bright colors...
Flexuosa Tillandsia Flexuosa Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Flexuosa Tillandsia

This plant that runs most of America is wide and green leaf...
Tillandsias or air plants

Nana Tillandsia

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This plant is a giant version of normal DURATI...
Tillandsias or air plants

Samantha Tillandsia

This plant unsurpassed beauty surprises everyone by his bearing as it reaches 60cm with flowers...
Zecheri cafayatensis...
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Tillandsias or air plants

Zecheri cafayatensis Tillandsia

This variety from ARGENTINA does not require much watering...
Tillandsias or air plants

Vernicosa Tillandsia

This plant from South America offers us some gray-green flowers...
Tillandsias or air plants

Tectorun Fuzzy Clump Tillandsia

Tillandsia tectorum is one of the most exquisite species...
Tillandsias or air plants

Stricta soft Tillandsia

The prototype clone for Tillandsia stricta has soft green leaves...
Tillandsias or air plants

Stricta Hart Tillandsia

This plant as its color of tin is little watered but you need a moist environment to keep in perfect condition to accept sudden changes in temperature and direct sunlight where we will offer a pink flower with small tubes between purple and blue with yellow tips and your site is clinging to a log or tree.
Stricta Tillandsia Stricta Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Stricta Tillandsia

It is originally from Brazil and VENEZUELA ...
Tillandsias or air plants

Streptocarpa Tillandsia

This species is native to Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.
Straminea Tillandsia Straminea Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Straminea Tillandsia

This plant from Bolivia is a plant that tends to make big balls where its flowering...
Tillandsias or air plants

Retorta clump Tillandsia

Tillandsia retorta is a new one for us. It's main feature is that it is distichous (leaves growing in two ranks).
tillandsia remota
Tillandsias or air plants

Remota clump Tillandsia

Tillandsia remote stands out for its thin leaves...
Purpurea Tillandsia Purpurea Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Purpurea Tillandsia

Endemic to the Peruvian coastal deserts...
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