Urban garden

Urban garden is the name that is set to a small orchard garden that we have within urban core herbs either a terrace, balcony or a garden where we can both grow vegetables, fruits, herbs or our cherished a scale domestica, without thereby disparage the products that we can get that we can get out of a high quality.

If you have an urban garden in the countryside usually have small dimensions that try to maximize our land as our needs when we have a home garden or terrace or balcony to take advantage. In the same terraced balconies we have to consider sites that are well lit and seek containers are pots, cultivation tables, vertical gardens even new pots geo textiles the help that the roots are more oxygenated.

Today the urban garden to last in many families to be part of the diet everyday as we know how to produce crops us to go to eat so we know if they are free of pesticides, insecticides. Can you manage the traditional way, the products are used us to go to seed, fertilizers, substrates, growing media etc. ... The more common in urban garden growing organic farming is still the most suitable for our health.

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