Abono de floración Gold Bird Bloom Expand

Flowering fertilizer GoldBird Bloom


Fertilizer for flowering plants

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The line of fertilizers JBQ ECO - GOLDBIRD GROW is an organic fertilizer based on 100% vegetable matter rapid effect. High content of trace elements, amino acids and nitrogen, improves absorption of nutrients and the culture media, helping the reticular plant development.



Total of organic material 40% p/p Calcium 0.70% p/p
Extracto Fúlvico y Húmico 16% p/p Magnesium 0.87% p/p
Nitrogen 2% p/p Bor 0.02%
Phosfor 5% p/p Copper 16
Potasio 7% p/p Iron 0.10%
Density 1.2 gr/cm3 PH 5%


A) In irrigation: 5 ml / L of water, repeated every week during the growth phase.

B) Vía Foliar: 5 ml / L of water, starting from when the first 5-6 leaves appear and repeat every 10 days.


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