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Stinging Nettle fertilizer


Fertilizer made from nettles.

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Fertilizer made from nettle, ideal for any type of plants both indoors and outside. Nettle extract contains antioxidants and natural phytoalexins that contribute to the leaves bright green and increases the level of plant defense.

Effect of use.

1º) Develops thicker cell walls which prevents the penetration of pathogens.

2º) Improved mobilization of food reserves, stimulating the transformation of nutrients.
3º) Improved synthesis of chlorophyll.
4º) Improves absorption of nutrients, iron, sulfur and phosphorus.


N 0.27% p/p Fe 1.86% mg/l
P 0.58% p/p PH 6
K 3.67% p/p    


Under irrigation: Apply irrigation rate of 16 ml / L of water.


It comes in bottles of 1L.


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