Humus de lombriz líquido Expand

Liquid Earthworm humus


It is a stimulant bio-organic fertilizer.

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It is a very effective fertilizer from manure digestion of the worm. It has the essential nutrients, and contain a bacterial flora of a great wealth that allows recovery of nutrients retained in the soil. It is a neutral product, which creates an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of certain parasites.

Its effects are:

1º) It favors increased activity of soil microorganisms.

2º) Greater stimulation of the roots.
3º) Greater stimulation of the roots.
4º) Increases the production of chlorophyll.
5º) Neutralizes high levels of salinity in the soil.
6º) Levels PH
7º) Reduces the development of fungi in the soil
8º) Production increases.


Organic material 6% Fe 190 ppm
Organic nitrogene 2210 ppm Extr. humic 32%
P 1915 ppm PH 7
K 2700 ppm S 40 ppm
Mg 1100 ppm    


Dilute 50 ml in 1 L of water each week, although it is metered with no excess of any kind burns occur in young and adult plants.


Comes in 1L. bottles


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