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Ain thc 10ml



Natural insecticide made special from neem oil to prevent any type of insect.

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Although sold as an insecticide is best as a preventative. Using it during the early stages conseguiras ter not sneaking pests in your garden.

Ain is pure THC extract, a high concentration of azaridachtina plus melantriol, nimbin and salannin.

The technology used in the manufacture of the insecticide, supercritical fluid extraction, CO2 technique, clean technology that does not generate undesirable residues on the final product. Effective against: aphids, white fly, soil, mites, red spider, cochineal, trips, etc ... From the fruits of Neem oil with insecticidal properties, Neem oil is obtained. Unlike other trademarks working with Neem oil, AIN thc ® is pure extract, has a high concentration of Azaridachtina plus meliantriol, Nimbin and salanin.

The technology used in the manufacture of this insecticide, extraction technique with supercritical CO2, is clean and does not generate waste on the environment, or leave undesirable residues in the final product, ensures a richness. COMPOSITION: Pure Extract of Neem Emulsifier Biodegradable and 100%. The extract comes from the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica). Effective against aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, nematodes, cochineal, Trips, etc. It can be applied generally in any kind of crop they plant health problems occur by phytopathogenic organisms and being targeted with a product safe for human health and the environment. Systemic insecticide. RECOMMENDED: Ecological Cultivation of cannabis in indoor / outdoor (indoor).


The active principles of AIN thc ® induces eating disorders and interfere with the hormonal cycle of the insect, it causes malformations in the molting process, preventing normal development.

AIN thc ® has anti-fungal properties: it acts against most common pathogenic species, limiting their growth, so that the application of AIN thc ® prevents future attacks.

Depending on the state in the life cycle of the insect and concentration treatment, the death of the insect occurs between 3 and 14 days after contact with the product. Apply to perceive the first signs of infestation and larvae are more sensitive than the adult specimens. PRESENTATION: 30 ml. and 100 ml. Included in the list of Regulation C.E. 1488/97, Annex II, part B, so its use is permitted in organic farming, also has a wide field of application in integrated agriculture.


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