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Pireprot 30ml


Pireprot is made on the basis of permethrins (vegetal extracts from Chrisantenum Cinerariafolium), the most efficient natural substance against insect plagues such as caterpillars, plant-louses, wood-louses, flies, etc.

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It acts through contact on mature insects and their larvae. It doesn’t leave any residue and is highly biodegradable.

Pireprot shows its efficiency for cultivation, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in greenhouses. It can be applied till 7 days outdoors (10 days indoors and in greenhouses) before harvesting. It is important to apply it during dark hours, as it is a fotodegradable product.

Doses: Foliar application: 1-2 ml / 1L of water every 10-15 days. In case of a serious attack, you can reduce time gaps between the applications to 7 days.


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