Botryprot 100ml

Botryprot 100ml

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Botryprot is a mixture of nutrients and growth factors for the microflora, coming from extracts of specific microorganisms that have a direct effect on their development and prevent fungus



Botryprot is a mixture of nutrients and growth factors for the microflora, from extracts of specific microorganisms having a direct effect on the fungus and prevent its development. Botryprot is a specific product that acts by contact to control rots.


Botryprot among others has nutritional properties that by activating plant enzymes, promote own defense processes in the treated plant, is a curative / preventive product in slowing rotting flowers and other aerial parts of the plant. Botryprot positively influences the increase in quantity and quality of the harvest.


Botryprot acts as fitofortificante against the negative effects of fungal rot and Botrytis and Sderotinia usually caused (in flower) by caterpillars and temperature drops with increasing relative humidity. Botryprot can be mixed / combined with Pireprot and Azaprot to combat rotting and tracked simultaneously. The product is suitable for outdoor, indoor and greenhouse. The product has no waste. Cannabis crops leave within 8-10 days outdoors and indoors and greenhouse 12-15 days depending on the weather.


Foliar application: 2-2.5 ml / L every 10-15 days depending on the severity of the attack. If it rains tomorrow, you can reapply. Ph mixture: 5.5-6.5. By applying Botryprot to wet the entire plant including flowers (soak) ensuring that the product penetrates into it. Apply in hours of low light.


Formulation and composition content is guaranteed. The user is responsible for the damage caused (fault of efficacy, toxicity in general, residues, etc.), for not to follow the label instructions. In case of accident or discomfort immediately contact a doctor. National Institute of Toxicology: 91 562 84 69.

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