algas de engorde

Fattening seaweed


Product with a high concentration of seaweed extract.


The main seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum is located on the shores of the North Atlantic.

Advantages of the contribution of this seaweed to the plant:

1º) It provides the main elements as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium variety of secondary elements and trace elements.

2º) Biostimulator vegetal for its high content in carbohydrates and others.
3º) Inducer of growth.
4º) Stimulation induces plant, fruit set improving plant quality.


Seeweed extract 24% p/p (27.4% p/v)
Phosphorus 2%
Potassium 5%
PH 5.7

It also contains cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, ect ...



Vía Foliar: 3 ml / L of water. Perform only two applications during flowering.


It comes in one-liter bottles.

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