Stimulex Crecimiento

Stimulex Growth


Biological growth Stimulant


Accelerates cell division and cell wall tougher and therefore the plant tissues. The leaves are harder and turgid and better resist pathogens. Mitosis causes rapid plant growth evenly.

The Stimulex products are stimulators that activate soil microorganisms that metabolize natural fertilizer and create optimal conditions for bacterial life of the substrate, inhibiting factors that limit as the pH unstable, and activating the enzymatic mechanisms that activate and accelerate microbiological activity. The result is more specific absorption of microelements in different phases of the cycle and the acceleration of the nitrogen cycle.

The catalyst or acceleration promoted by enzymes, helps reduce the accumulation of salts in the soil, which in many cases is a serious problem because it can prevent the normal development of the crop. In hydroponic systems Stimulex application is particularly interesting because the plants are loaded with salts and these products also they metabolize accumulated in the tissues of plants salts, thanks to which, the taste and quality of the crop is better. The millions of microorganisms after application of Stimulex make production to increase to 20-25%.

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