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ZURNEK wall module, 50cm


ZURNEK wall modules allow you to make the most of small spaces

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The ZURNEK modules are made of solid wood with a water treatment that protects it from rain and sun allowing you to enjoy the beauty impossible to imitate wood. The auxiliary elements are made of stainless steel for durability.

The entire range has been designed using the experience Computer engineering Zurtek wooden structures. This gives them great strength modules while a neat image.

The ZURNEK wall modules allow you to make the most of places where otherwise you could just have a pot.

You only need 55 cm of soil and a wall.

They are available in three widths, 50, 70 and 90cm, to fit in the narrow balcony and also to combining modules of different widths, to cover any wall you want.

Stainless steel handrails protect your planters and pots you do not have to worry about anything even in the windiest days.

Possible configurations

Agricultura urbana

You have many options with your ZURNEK kit wall

  • You can remove a shelf to give more space to higher floors. Removing even the railings can put up small fruit trees, which will be sheltered from the wind by the wooden structure.
  • If you want to put not very large plants, mount it in its entirety. You can always remove shelves or handrails as they grow.
  • Change the supports of the rails inside by outsiders to hurry up if your balcony space has little background.
  • Remove any shelf but leaves the rails. With climbing plants you can use as guides railings, holding the stems with only a rope or flanges

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