Galvanized cultivation table + 70L coco fiber as gift


Following the basic criteria of organic farming we can become small urban farmers and get some fresh, natural foods, while enjoying a pleasant space in our home.

In a small space, terrace or balcony, we can cultivate a small organic vegetable garden with fruit, vegetables and other plants.

We learn to plan our garden and adapt its space, organizing culture, meet the needs of plants nourishing them with natural fertilizer (compost), and associate them to develop properly.

Now by purchasing a cultivation table we give you a gift of 70L of coco fibre.

The Bricks and Blocks coconut fiber Batille are made by 100% natural coconut fiber fully compacted and dried for ease of handling and easily transport. They should hydrate with water for Natural coconut fiber ready for use. Holds water and nutrients to the plant equivalent while avoiding waterlogging and promotes excellent ventilation and space for the development of a full root system.


Features of the cultivating table:

  • Option top coated with clean paint which prevents corrosion easier, colored chocolate brown and green stándard.

  • Up to 200 liters of substrate (model 150 x 75 cm wide x depth).

  • Up to 130 liters of substrate (model 150 x 50 cm wide x depth).

  • All edges of the cultivation table are rounded to avoid cuts in a coup (of special interest to schoolchildren).

  • Made of galvanized steel.

  • Easy assembly (with 8 screws, that's it).

  • Light weight (25-30kg emtpty, 100kg with the wet substrate), which makes it suitable for installation on balconies and roofs without any problems.

  • All models will include the leveling to attach to the legs, allowing them to level the cultivation table without any problem on the terraces.

  • It includes instructions.

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