Oidio Prot 30gr

Oidio Prot 30gr

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Oidio Prot is a mixture of nutrients and growth factors for the microflora from the extract of specific microorganisms that prevent fungal growth. The product is not toxic and has no waste.


OÍDIOPROT (EM) is a mixture of nutrients and factors for the growth of the microflora from the extract of specific microorganisms, impeding the development of the fungus. The product is not toxic and has no waste. It does not affect the flower or resin.


It prevents the development of the fungus and acts specifically on the oídios. OÍDIOPROT (EM) acts by contact.


Is used for the control of Oídios caused by various fungi, such as: Erysphe, Laveillula, Podosphaera, Shpaerotecain exterior, interior and greenhouse crops. OÍDIOPROT (EM) acts by contact.

Outdoor cultivation: two applications in the space of 3-5 days at the dose of 5 g/L. Then continue with curative and preventive treatments with OÍDIOPROT (EM) every 10-15 days and fail to apply it is recommended maximum 10-12 days before collection, because the product there will be biodegradado depending on the weather (rain, etc.).

Interior and greenhouse crops: in case of serious attacks, make two applications with OÍDIOPROT (EM) in the range of 6 - 7 days 5 g/L, if plant is very tender (cuttings, seedlings...) is recommended to lower the dosage to 4 gr/L. Then continue with curative applications / preventive every 10-15 days depending on severity of powdery mildew attack. Stop applying 15 days before harvesting because the product already be biodegradado safely.


Optimize depending on severity of the attack of Oídios, nutritional status, etc. Being normal: 5 gr/L every 10-15 days pH mix: 7'5 / 8 aprox. Avoid the application of the product in hours of high temperatures and luminosity, could produce some burn in tender leaves. Indoors, make sure that the plant is dry before turning on lamps.

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