There's nothing more healthy and satisfying than to feed products you've grown yourself.
Enjoy natural foods with this automatic garden will cultivate for you.

There's nothing more healthy and satisfying than to feed products you've grown yourself.
Enjoy natural foods that this automated garden cultivate for you.

AeroGarden is the World's first orchard smart home. With very little care you can grow your preferred plants. Anyone can have healthy and beautiful plantations in the inside of his home. Very simple!

Cultivated all kinds of products. You can plant all kinds of plants, from cherry tomatoes, salad plants , herbs ... to even flowers! It is completely healthy because it uses no pesticides or pollutants. The plants grow without dirt. Also, no weeds and the results are delicious and natural.

Many varieties disponibles Thanks to its advanced technology, it's growth is very fast with strong and healthy plants. You will have a harvest abundant and continued for 3-6 months and can use it all year. And it's so easy to use that anyone can use it, even those who do not have a green thumb.

Always fresh! AeroGarden uses one aeroponic technology created by NASA and has an automatic system that tells when you have to add water and nutrients. Its microprocessor adjusts nutrient supply and irrigation and switch the bulbs on and off, simulating the effect of the sun. The seeds come in pre seeded capsules that guarantee 100% germination in 24 hours

Cut and cook With AeroGarden cultivate fresh and delicious herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper and other plants to add flavor to your meals. And freshness is more than Guaranteed: you can 'cut and cook' Fresher impossible!

Put it where you want. Aerogarden has a modern and decorative design in any corner of your home. And it is a real show, enjoy the growth of your food in front of your own eyes, not to mention the delicious aroma of natural food!


Size: Height 50 cm, width 41 cm, bottom 27 cm
Power Supply: 220V plug
Power consumption: less than 40W
No natural light needed
It works with fluorescent bulbs
It Includes 2 bulbs
It has 7 holes to place capsules seeds
It Includes 3 seed packets: cherry tomatoes, herbs and lettuce and salad plants
It includes nutrient tablets
Packages of seeds and nutrient tablets available separately. You can buy here.

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