Mix flores crecimiento rápido

Mix rapidly growing flowers


Mix flower rapid growth is a mixture of flower seeds selected for rapid and continuous bloom during summer, with only 50 days after planting colorful and attractive flowers are achieved.

It Contains:

1 out seeds

_ 9% alyssum

_14% Cornflower

_ 7% Papaver rhoeas

_11% Coreopsis grandiflora

_13% Coreopsis Pictish

_ 4% Cosmidium Bur Philippine

_ 3% Cosmos bipinnatus

_ 8% Eschs.Californica

Elegans _ 9% Gypsohila

_ 5% Linum grandiflorum

_14% Calendula officinalis

_3% Linum grandiflorum

1 Bag of 80 gr. with: Coir + Natural fertilizer Guano + Pearls Geohumus.


_ Remove the soil as deeply as possible with a minimum of 10 cm.

_ Once prepared straighten and raking the ground.

_ Mix the contents of the envelope bag of seeds with more compost substrate.

_ Sowing seeds broadcast to distribute evenly like a lawn.

_ Rake the ground again, gently so that the seeds come into contact with the ground.

_ Water as rain, steadily to maintain moisture while the seeds germinate.

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