Humus de lombriz sólido Expand

Solid Worm Humus


The best solid natural fertilizer earthworm excrement.

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Solid Worm Humus comes from the excrement of earthworms preferably the California red worm. It is best known natural fertilizer. Useful for all kinds of plants.

Effects produced by its use:

1º) Anticipates flowering.

2º) It stimulates soil fertility by increasing its bacterial flora.


Humidity 40% Potassium 0.50% s.m.s
Total nitrogen 2-3% s.m.s PH 7.10
Phosphorus 2% s.m.s    








A) Potted plants: 120 gr. each month.
B) Garden plants: 50 gr. each month.
C) Transplants: 65gr. according to pot size.
D) Shrubs and hedges: 1.5 Kg / year.
E) Lawn seed: 500-600 Kg / 1000 m2.
F) Annual grass: 200-300 kg / 1000 m2.
F) Seedlings: 80% Substrate and 20% humus.

It comes in bags of 3 L and sacks of 25 L.


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