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Bat guano


Bat guano

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In the composition of bat guano involved the primary elements for the nutrition of plants NPK organic origin, essential secondary macro elements Ca, Cu, Mn, Na, No, ect ...


Advantages of bat guano

1º) Improved agrochemical soil conditions.

2º) Controls the assimilation of phosphorus.
3º) Increases the availability of nutrients for cultivation.
4º) Microbial bloom and chitin present in the guano gives fúngincas properties and nematicides.
5º) 100% natural fertilizer.


Humic acids 7-9% N 2-6%
Fulvic acids 8-10% Mg 0.4-2%
Humidity 30% Mn 0.4-0.7%
Microbial Flora 30-50*10 Mb 0%
Organic Matter 40-60% P 3-12%
Ca 3-12 %    









A) Irrigation: 5 g / L of warm water every week for the duration of irrigation plant is in flowering stage.

B) Vía Foliar: Mixed with 20 g substrate. per pot of 15 L / plant

It comes in cans of 1 Kg and 4 Kg.


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