Paleacea apurimacensis Tillandsia

Paleacea apurimacensis Tillandsia


The tillandsia paleacea apurimacensis is a subspecies that comes from Peru...


The tillandsia paleacea apurimacensis is a subspecies that comes from Peru. It is a plant that is located at an altitude between 2000 and 2500 meters. This plant can often be easily confused with streptocarpa the difference is that this is the smallest leaves and odor is absent because the streptocarpa is a very fragrant plant.


It has an average size of about 15 cm with an abundant root system.

Flexible small sheet with the edges of the sheets of circular pods leaves with white and green velvety leaves.

The flowers have a pendulum which measures about 2 millimeters and one centimeter wide are purple and sometimes blue with a white base and are odorless.

This plant is ideal for putting on a support of mineral wood or stone is placed near a window in summer inside and outside preferably in a site that has this sunny or bright.

LIGHT: this plant requires a lot of lux or full sun to avoid long hours of sunshine in summer but until she is accustomed to the site.

MOISTURE: requires moderate humidity and always leaving after irrigation to dry quickly. In summer 2 to 3 irrigations one week and weekly watering in winter and always trying to make a soft water.

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