Paleacea apurimacensis Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Paleacea apurimacensis Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Paleacea Apurimacensis Tillandsia


The tillandsia paleacea apurimacensis is a subspecies that comes from Peru...


Tillandsia paleacea apurimacensis is a subspecies from Peru.  It is a plant found at an altitude of between 2000 and 2500 metres.

This plant can often be easily confused with streptocarpa, the difference being that it has smaller leaves and is odourless, as streptocarpa is a very fragrant plant.


Medium size about 15cm with a very abundant root system.

Small flexible leaf with circular leaf blade edges with white and green velvety leaf sheaths.

The flowers have a pendulum measuring about 2 millimetres and a centimetre across are purple and sometimes bluish in colour with a white base and are odourless.

This plant is ideal to be placed on a wooden or mineral stone support, indoors near a window and in summer preferably outdoors in a bright or sunny spot.

LIGHT: this plant requires a lot of lux or full sun as long as in summer it avoids the sunniest hours until it has become accustomed to the site.

MOISTURE: it requires moderate humidity, always leaving it to dry out quickly after watering. In summer 2 to 3 waterings a week and in winter 1 watering a week and always try to use soft water.

Fertilisation should be moderate, once a month in summer and once during the winter.

Support/bark not included.

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