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Reverse osmosis system


Reverse osmosis system

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RO system, high quality with capacity to produce 150 liters / day.
The system has its own tap, bypass has to direct cleaning reverse osmosis block. Also a 5 blocks filtration for maximum water purification, where through a triple head covers water sediment filters, activated carbon filter and membrane. The equipment also carries its own reboiler 11 liters that ensures adequate water pressure at the outlet. We have the OSMO-PRO system without electric pump and with electric pump for those households that do not have enough pressure in your water system.
These kits come with complete installation instructions and installed in minutes. For areas with high salt content and the dissolved solids in the domestic water (Balearic and Canary Islands) we have the potential to increase the block with 1 or 2 washable filters more to extend the life of the equipment.

Technical characteristics:

Minimum pressure: 2,5 bar / Max pressure: 5 bar / maximum 2,000 ppm salinity.
Percent rejection of various ions:
90-96% sodium, calcium 96-98%, 96-98% Barium, Aluminum 96-98%, 90-95% chlorides, nitrates 80-85%, 98-99% phosphates, fluorides 94-96% Thiosulphates> 99%, silica 85-92%, 90-96% Potassium, Magnesium 96-98%, 96-99% iron, copper 98-99%, 96-98% sulphates, bicarbonates 94-96%, 90-98% Cromatos , sulfites 97-99%, ferrocyanides> 99%

The advantages of reverse osmosis
EIt is the best system to remove impurities dissolved in water (sediment, dissolved solids, toxic metals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) and the most economical in terms of energy as it uses water's own energy to process. Instead, distilled water uses large amounts of energy for their production.
Furthermore, with the elimination of existing tap water sales, you make sure that your plants will receive only the best salts, ie, salts (in the form of nutrient) that have been mixed with to feed plants.


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