Tillandsias or air plants

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Curly Slim Tillandsia Curly Slim Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Curly Slim Tillandsia

Tillandsia Curly Slim is a hybrid created in 1981 from the combination of the seeds of Tillandsia Intermedia and the pollination of Tillandsia Streptophylla.
Ionantha ron Tillandsia Ionantha ron Tillandsia 2
Tillandsias or air plants

Ionantha ron Tillandsia

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This variety from Mexico is a variant of what we know as ionantha IONANHTA
Tillandsias or air plants

Tectorum Tillandsia

Tillandsia native to the high Andes Mountains of Peru.
Tillandsias or air plants

Juncea Tillandsia

Plant from southern USA and the West Indies.
Cyanea Tillandsia Cyanea Tillandsia 2
Tillandsias or air plants

Cyanea Tillandsia

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Tillandsia native of Ecuador.
Tillandsias or air plants

Caput medusae Tillandsia

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Plants from Mexico and Costa Rica.
Tillandsias or air plants

Capitata peach Tillandsia

Tillandsia native of Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico
Brachychc abdida Tillandsia
Tillandsias or air plants

Brachychc abdida Tillandsia

Air plant variety called abdida brachychc to be a compact plant from the dry forests of Mexico, Venezuela and Panama
Albida Tillandsia Albida Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Albida Tillandsia

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Tillandsia albida is a variety of air plant that grows by the stem, this species can form a colony of specimens in a few years.
Straminea Tillandsia Straminea Tillandsia 2
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Tillandsias or air plants

Straminea Tillandsia

This plant from Bolivia is a plant that tends to make big balls where its flowering...
Tillandsias or air plants

Kolbi ionantha scaposa Tillandsia

This variety from Guatemala stands out for its flexible leaves and purple flower...
Tillandsias or air plants

Ionantha rubra peach Tillandsia

This variety of ionantha differs by having a little long leaves than their counterparts to be growing this very easy keeping a warm and wet perfectly accepting direct light.
Tricolor Tillandsia Tricolor Tillandsia 2
Tillandsias or air plants

Tricolor Tillandsia

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The Tricolor is a variety of tillandsia air plant has no stem can reach 30 cm in diameter and height
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Tillandsias belong to the family of the Bromeliads. Most are epiphytes, meaning they live on trees, shrubs, cacti, power lines and telephone lines. Tillandsias are no parasitic, that is not living at the expense of their guests, only used as a support to avoid living in the soil. Some are lithophytes, that is, living on rocks. Most commercial species need much light. 95% of its power comes from the humid air, fog, rain, dust, bird droppings, dead insects in decomposition, etc., falling between the leaves, and are stored and absorbed in their tanks with special scales for this. The other 5% of the power obtained by his new roots that adhere to the bark of its host and absorb moss, leaf litter and other elements dissolved in rainwater.