Duratii Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Duratii Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Duratii Tillandsia


Tillandsia Duratii is an epiphytic species, native to South America, mainly in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, where it grows and develops on trees, usually at latitudes above 1000 metres above sea level.

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This rare specimen grows easily and usually produces large stems.

Its leaves are concave, straight at the base and somewhat curved at the ends, green on the inside and greyish on the outside.

It produces beautiful flowers, which are purple and blue in colour and have the particularity of giving off a pleasant citrus aroma at night.

It likes direct sunlight and bright spaces with good ventilation and medium relative humidity, although it is usually well adapted to any environment.

Water spraying is recommended once a week in cold months, twice a week in warm months.

Support/bark not included.

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