Guzmania Theresa
Guzmania Theresa

Guzmania Theresa


Theresa grows in central America in the tropical heat of the Caribbean


This charming miniature bromeliad with its classic sounding name Guzmania Teresa is very decorative for your interior or even for your garden, balcony or terrace in summer. With its bright and happy colours it brings the feeling of summer to your home.

Theresa grows in Central America in the tropical heat of the Caribbean, where it has adapted to warmth in all seasons. Theresa Guzmania is independent and needs little plant care. It absorbs the water it needs from the air rather than through its roots. It drinks from rain and morning dew. It absorbs the liquid and stocks its interior from the calyxes of the leaf.

The plant has roots, but these function rather as a support, so it stays in place. It gets water and nutrition from the calyxes of its leaves.

Place a few Theresas in a reed basket and you will find you have yourself a wonderful living room decoration for your living room. It will look lovely in a bathroom, provided there is some daylight. Plus it will flourish and stay extra healthy as a result of higher air humidity in your bathroom.

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