Bromeliácea cryptanthus bivittatus lose

Bromeliácea cryptanthus bivittatus lose


Plant native to Brazil

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Plant native to Brazil that is part of the bromeliad family established in mountainous regions, their growth is often in the crevices of rocks. Usually the plants are quite small and are very low and flattened rosettes. Its leaves are leathery touch, born in rosette form a overlay that look like stars. Its leaves have a very particular striped pattern, mostly in creamy shades with pink, a central strip and another at the edges of olive green, which becomes somewhat reddish effect of cold or sun. Constan different varieties and hybrids that provide beautiful and striking colorations in their leaves. The colors yellow by the lack of light, so you need a tremendous amount of light, but diverted from direct sunlight to preserve a strong color. Profiles are usually somewhat wavy and usually carry small thorny elements.

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