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Pack of 7 Tillandsias Ecoterrazas
Pack of 7 Tillandsias Ecoterrazas

Pack of 7 Tillandsias

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Pack of 7 Tillandsias consisting of:

-1 Oaxacana

-1 Magnusiana

-1 Tectorum

-1 Argentea

-1 Reichenbachii

-1 Fuchsii Mexico

-1 Espinosae vrisea

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Pack of 7 Tillandsias consisting of:

-1 Oaxacana: Plant that grows in Mexico, at low altitude, in the oaks and conifers. It produces many curved leaves, forming a rosette, from where a large flower stalk appears occasionally.Develops a large violet rose.

-1 Magnusiana: Plant from Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. His numerous slender leaves, covered with gray hair, draw the eye. Violet flowers are amazing. In habitat, come on oaks and conifers.Violet flowers are amazing. In habitat, come on oaks and conifers.

1 Tectorum: Tillandsia native to the high Andes Mountains of Peru. This excellent slow-growing species produces large and numerous silvery scales (trichomes) that are unique in the genre. T. tectorum has an impressive silhouette, alarganda during growth. Spraying only once a week.

1 Argentea: This variety of air plant or tillandsia comes from Cuba and Jamaica. It is very similar to the Tillandsia Fuchsii. Tillandsia argentea varies especially in terms of the color of the flower parts and leaves, curved edges. Very elegant suspended .This air plant or Tillandsia Argentea when it gets its adult form can grow to about 12 centimeters in diameter approximately. The base of the bulb-shaped plant, its leaves are thin and fibrous leaves inflorescence way become silvery blue with a green touch, has very few flowers, these are of a very peculiar color as cherries a particularly beautiful color, the variety of air plants Argentea usually grows alone or in small colonies of a few individuals.

1 Reichenbachii: Tillandsia native of southern Bolivia and central Argentina. Plant with thick and firm, covers leaves white scales. Its pleasant smell violets. Its flowers are blue with a white heart.

1 Fuchsii Mexico: Tillandsia native of Mexico. One dense and homogeneous arc with numerous tight leaves, where they grow flowers from red to brown is created. An attractive silvery tint is noticeable, more pronounced in the center of the plant.

1 Espinosae vrisea: This plant is native to ECUADOR and PERU giving himself the larger specimens in ECUADOR but noting that Peru has more foliage. This is a plant that needs a minimum daily watering and indirect light for proper healthy growth..

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