Zacapatensis Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Zacapatensis Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Tillandsia Zacapanensis

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Tillandsia Zacapanensis is a rare lithophyte specimen (growing on rocks) native to Zacapa, Guatemala.

It produces a great floral branching with large yellowish bracts that combine perfectly with the purple of its tubular flowers, typical of the Tillandsias.


Discover the exotic beauty of the Tillandsia Zacapanensis!

This fascinating air plant, also known as "Airplant", is a natural jewel that will captivate your senses and fill your home with elegance and style.

Tillandsia Zacapanensis is a unique and rare species of Tillandsia, native to the mountainous regions of Guatemala.

Its unusual and delicate appearance makes it a unique addition to any plant collection.

With its slender form and silvery green leaves that resemble the wings of an angel, this Tillandsia is truly a natural wonder.

One of the most striking advantages of Tillandsia Zacapanensis is that it does not require soil to live.

This plant attaches itself to surfaces, such as tree branches, stones or any other support, absorbing nutrients and moisture from the air through its trichomes.

This makes it an ideal choice for plant lovers looking for a low-maintenance, easy-care option.

Place your Tillandsia Zacapanensis in a well-lit location, preferably near a window with indirect light.

This plant enjoys a warm, moist environment, making it an excellent choice for decorating bathrooms or kitchens.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, Tillandsia Zacapanensis also offers environmental benefits by improving air quality as it purifies and filters harmful toxins from the surrounding environment.

Take this opportunity to bring home a true wonder of nature.

Whether as a gift to a loved one or to complement your own space, the Tillandsia Zacapanensis is an exceptional choice that is sure to impress and delight everyone with its unique charm and easy care.

Add the Tillandsia Zacapanensis to your cart and give your home a touch of exotic nature and elegance today!


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