Bergeri Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Bergeri Tillandsia

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Tillandsia bergeri native of Argentina, where it grows on granite rocks.

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Unlike most air plants, it is one of the fastest growing of all the varieties that exist, it does not normally flower every year, all the effort of this air plant is used to grow.

When this plant is not watered properly the leaves curl upwards, if this happens you will have to soak it for 12 hours in water with a low salt content, for example, water from reverse osmosis or bottled water.

This species is not very demanding, but it likes high humidity and good ventilation, especially after watering. They can withstand up to -12°C.

Support/bark not included.

1 Reviews

se dejan querer
Nos estamos aficionando peligrosamente a ellas, a las tillandsias. Esperando la nueva chica de casa
By Koldo on 02/10/2020

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