Velutina Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Velutina Tillandsia


Tillandsia Velutina is native to Mexico.

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The flowering of this specimen is spectacular, forming multiple purple flowers of tubular form, compacted in the centre of the plant, creating a combination of incredible colours, with the wine red and intense green of its leaves. This plant does not require a lot of maintenance, it likes to be in the shade, in dry environments but with good lighting and generous ventilation.

In the hottest months, watering by spraying once a day is recommended, as well as immersing them in water for about an hour in July and August, especially in very hot areas, with 2 times a week being sufficient in the cooler months and places.

As far as reproduction is concerned, which it does by suckers, it is a very active and fast specimen, which makes it ideal for creating small colonies or groups.

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