Kurt-hortsii Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Kurt-hortsii Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Kurt-hortsii Tillandsia


Tillandsia KURT-HORSTII is a very rare species native to Brazil, where it grows and develops at latitudes above 1000 metres altitude.


This species has many similarities with Tectorum and Streptocarpa.

As an adult plant, it can reach a height of more than 30 cm and during flowering it produces beautiful clusters with a multitude of flowers. It produces triangular, thin, elongated leaves of medium size, very scaly, creating a kind of hairy wool on the upper part.

CARE: In winter place it in a sunny spot and beware of the cold, in summer it should be placed in a spot that receives a lot of light, preferably outside. It can be placed in the sun but be careful with the hours of maximum intensity. It is necessary to be careful in winter that the temperature does not fall below 4 degrees Celsius and in a humid environment.


VENTILATION: Good ventilation is crucial for these plants. After watering, they should dry out quickly as they cannot tolerate accumulated humidity.

WATERING: Watering should be very moderate, once or twice a week in summer and once a fortnight in winter. When fertilising once a fortnight and in winter once a month.

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