Mathudae Tillandsia
tillandsia mathudae
tillandsia mathudae

Mathudae Tillandsia


This plant, original from GUATEMALA and MEXICO

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Add a moderate dose of fertilizer once a month in summer and once throughout the winter.

The tillandsia matudae is a native of Central America mostly found in Mexico at about 2000 meters. It is a plant that can sometimes be confused with VELICKIANA.

The matudae is a plant of medium size is between 20-30 cm This plant is the leaves as few spills that can grow in the middle of it after they bloom. It can grow on a flat base.

The leaves are very flexible and broad dense with pods, leaf triangular shape and if the plant suffers September way gutters leaves.

Usually bloom from May to October flowers are usually green to yellow but sometimes become red.


It is a plant that wants lots of light but we must go very carefully with direct sunlight especially in summer, it is best to partial shade.


We have to be very careful that our ground if we do not fence outside below 5 degrees especially if the ground is wet.




Like all tillandsias require good ventilation, the plant is watered once it is best to dry in less than an hour.


2 to 3 times in summer and once every 15 days in winter depending if the inside once a week.

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