Pseudosetacea Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Pseudosetacea Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Pseudosetacea Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Pseudosetacea Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Pseudosetacea Tillandsia


Tillandsia Pseudosetacea is an epiphytic plant of the family Bromeliaceae, native to Mexico, where it grows amazingly well attached to trees and rocks, at latitudes around 1800m, without requiring soil to survive.


Outstanding characteristics:

Natural elegance: Tillandsia Pseudosetacea has small, thin, flexible leaves that curve upwards in an elegant movement. Its leaves are deep green with delicate silvery traces, giving it a sophisticated and unique appearance with a tendency to change to reddish tones at the tips during inflorescence.

Spectacular flowering: In its flowering season, this Tillandsia surprises with very showy inflorescences emerging from the centre of the plant. The red flowers add a vibrant and charming touch to its appearance.

Compact size: Pseudosetacea is a small-sized Tillandsia, which makes it ideal for decorating spaces, terrariums, vertical gardens or as part of compositions with other Tillandsia species.

This specimen has a great reproductive capacity, which allows it to create groups or clumps, formed by dozens of specimens.

Easy care: This air plant is perfect for Tillandsia lovers, as it requires relatively little care. It only needs bright but indirect light, regular sprinkler waterings and good air circulation.

Uses and decoration:

Tillandsia Pseudosetacea is a versatile decorative element that can complement any design style. Some suggestions for use include:

Interior decoration: Place Pseudosetacea on shelves, terrariums or hanging stands to add a natural and attractive touch to your home or office.

Special events: Use at weddings, parties and events to create unique and sustainable floral arrangements.

Unique gifts: It is the ideal gift for those who love nature and gardening, as its simple care makes it suitable for all types of people.

Important note:

Each Tillandsia we offer is carefully grown and selected to ensure quality and good condition at the time of shipment and may vary in colour and shape to that of the photos, depending on the current time of year.

Bring the magic of Tillandsia Pseudosetacea into your life! Its natural beauty and ease of care will captivate you. Be sure to browse our catalogue to discover other Tillandsia varieties and accessories to complete your collection - thank you for choosing us as your destination for these wonderful air plants!

Stand/bark not included.
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