Albertiana Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Albertiana Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Albertiana Tillandsia

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The Tillandsia or Albertiana air plant only grows in a small area in the north of Argentina. This variety of air plant grows in the ravines of the mountains in terrain that is very difficult to access, and the area where this Tillandsia lives has an extremely unpredictable climate.

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This is a variety of air plant called Tillandsia albertiana native to Argentina, where it can be found on cliffs. The species grows slender and produces short leathery leaves. It is easy to grow, very decorative, the flowers produced by this variety of air plant are a visually attractive red colour hence its decorative functions.

This variety of air plant Albertiana is a real gem, its flowering is spectacular compared to its small size, the flowers are a very nice red colour and it is a rarity that tillandsias have red flowers, they also last several days in bloom, it is a spectacle to see this variety of air plant bloom.

The tillandsia Albertiana is considered a small plant, when they become adult they reach a height and diameter of 6 centimetres, they produce large roots to cling to the cliffs of the mountains of northern Argentina, if this variety of tillandsia is well cared for you can get a large specimen with many offspring that are born around it, in 3 or 4 years you will have a specimen of considerable size.

This species is a masterpiece of nature, the leaves grow long around the stem as well as being narrow and parallel, like many tillandsias they are covered with trichomes that are responsible for absorbing water from the environment and thus be able to feed, as only 5% is fed by the roots, these trichomes are gray.

This variety of air plant grows in shady areas with a little sun per day.


1 Reviews

¿Temporada de flor?
Cuándo es la temporada de flor? Cuántas veces al año? Gracias
By Cris on 02/16/2020

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