Punctulata Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Punctulata Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Punctulata Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Punctulata Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Punctulata Tillandsia


Discover the unique beauty of the Tillandsia Punctulata, a botanical jewel that will captivate your senses and bring life to any corner of your home or office.

Native to countries such as Mexico and Panama, it can be found in several South American countries.

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Elegant and exotic: Tillandsia Punctulata stands out for its exotic and elegant appearance.

Its narrow, wavy leaves create a fascinating visual effect, while its intense green colour brings freshness and vitality. Its spectacular, colourful inflorescence consists of a central bract plume with beautifully contrasting yellow, red and green bracts from which the classic purple tubular flowers, so common in Tillandsias, sprout.

No potting soil, no problem: Forget soil and pots.

These Tillandsias are epiphytes, which means they grow on other surfaces, such as tree branches or rocks. This makes them a unique decorative element that can be placed in any space.

Easy care: Tillandsia Punctulata is known to be a low maintenance plant.

It only needs indirect light, a light spray of water a couple of times a week and an environment with good air circulation to thrive. Ideal for those seeking the beauty of nature without the hassle of extensive care.

Versatile decoration: Whether you want to decorate your living room, office desk or even the bathroom, this Tillandsia fits perfectly into any environment.

You can place it in decorative bowls, hanging terrariums or even attach it to corks and driftwood for a truly unique style.

Memorable gift: Looking for an original and meaningful gift?

Tillandsia Punctulata is an excellent choice. Surprise your loved ones with a touch of nature that will last and remind them of your affection.

How to care for your Tillandsia Punctulata:

Light: Place your Tillandsia Punctulata in bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight and areas that are too dark.

Water: Spray water on the leaves of the plant two to three times a week, depending on the heat. Make sure the base of the leaves is completely dry after each watering to avoid excess moisture from stagnation.

Air: These plants need good air circulation. Avoid enclosed or too humid places.

Nutrition: Occasionally, you can provide nutrients diluted in the irrigation water. A fertiliser specifically for Tillandsias can be used according to the product's instructions.

Beautify your space with the intriguing beauty of the Tillandsia Punctulata!

Add an effortless touch of nature to your life and purchase it today at ecoterrazas.com!

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