Nana Tillandsia Ecoterrazas
Nana Tillandsia Ecoterrazas

Nana Tillandsia

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Tillandsia Nana is an epiphytic species, native to southern Peru and Bolivia, where it grows and develops on the bark of large trees or on stones in rocky areas at high latitudes, ranging from 2900 to 3500 metres above sea level.


Medium-sized plant, sometimes reaching 30 cm in length, with flexible, triangular-shaped leaves, generally grooved and helically arranged, covered with scales (trichomes) all over its surface.

It produces an inflorescence where the bracts of the flowering stem and the primary bracts are very similar to the leaves, culminating in beautiful non-tubular flowers that can be pink, reddish or purple.

Requires bright sun exposure as well as humid environments with very good ventilation.

Support/bark not included.

1 Reviews

La nana es enorme de bonita
la peque de casa ya está en la terraza con el resto de tillandsias., encantadora.
By Carol on 01/28/2020

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